NECA 2015 San Francisco

Moscone Center South  •  San Francisco, CA

“I look forward to the NECA Convention every year, and this year even more since it gives us a chance to show off our beautiful city. NECA 2015 San Francisco offers a unique mix of industry leaders, new technologies, and expert speakers to energize and motivate you. I’m bringing my key staff to learn about business development initiatives, new products, safety updates, 70E changes, and more, and I hope to see you here in October.”

—Ernie Ulibarri

Barri Electric Company Inc.
San Francisco Chapter President

Welcome to NEA 2015 San Francisco: The City by the Bay

Thousands of hearts are left in San Francisco every year. It has not only been named “Everybody’s Favorite City” by Americans enthralled by its scenic beauty, cultural attractions, diverse communities and world-class cuisine; it’s also consistently ranked among top international travel and meeting destinations.

There’s a lot to be said about San Francisco, but what makes the City by the Bay 49 of the most interesting square miles on the planet all comes down to one word: Diversity.

There are cities within the city to explore — 42 culturally and ethnically distinct neighborhoods. With more than 5000 restaurants, there’s something delicious — from hearty comfort food to Michelin-starred fine dining — to please every palate. There are an array of museums and art galleries, with their collections celebrating traditional and modern moves and everything in between.

Performance art is big, too, and San Francisco hosts theater, dance and musical performances you can’t catch anywhere else. Diversity hallmarks the nightlife — and the shopping life, as well. And there are dozens and dozens of sites to be seen, commemorating the rich history and natural beauty of this remarkable place, and attractions offering something for everyone.

But here’s one of the things NECA likes best of all about San Francisco: It’s clean, green, and renewable! From the Welcome Reception at the Exploratorium, with its net-zero energy goal, throughout all the events at the LEED-Gold-certified Moscone Center, NECA conventioneers will be enjoying our convention in one of the greenest cities in North America. We can relate!