Visiting San Francisco

San Francisco Will Steal Your Heart

Thousands of hearts are left in San Francisco every year. It has not only been named “Everybody’s Favorite City” by Americans enthralled by its scenic beauty, cultural attractions, diverse communities and world-class cuisine; it’s also consistently ranked among top international travel and meeting destinations.

Bursting on the scene as a major city almost overnight during the 1849 Gold Rush and then reborn from the ashes of the 1906 earthquake and fire, San Francisco is famed for its colorful past which includes the writers of the “beat” generation, the hippies of the Summer of Love, and pioneers of diverse cultural influence. The City by the Bay continues to fascinate with culture-changing performing arts and entertainment venues — not to mention unparalleled dining and shopping opportunities.

However, at NECA 2015 San Francisco, the focus is firmly on the future!